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Aftermarket Catalytic Converters?

California requires aftermarket catalytic converters to get approval by the California Air Resources Board for Legal sale and installation in the state.

Precious metals such as Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium can be the materials used inside a catalytic converter. This can result in a higher price when comparing between a non-California to a California approved replacement part.

Can you buy a used catalytic converter?

No, here's why...

“No used converter can be legally advertised for sale, sold, or installed in California” (as stated on the CARB website)

How can I check if my vehicle has a California Approved Aftermarket Catalytic Converter replacement part?

Need the following information to check part availability: 

  • Year, Make, Model, Engine Size
  • VIN or License Plate Number
  • Test Group Located on the Emission Information Sticker (underneath the hood)

What can you do to Fix a Catalytic Converter?

It is best to have your vehicle tested before replacing parts to insure you fix the problem. Many thing can trigger a Check Engine Light such as: faulty oxygen senor, exhaust leak, old spark plugs and more.

Why Choose Us

Here are some of the tools and benefits we offer:

Scope Camera

Helps us inspect (in most cases) the inside of a catalytic converter to determine if it is broken or clogged. A damaged catalytic converter can result in loss of engine performance.

Scan Tool-min
Scan Tool

Allows us to check Live Data (on OBDII vehicles) in real time the performance of your catalytic converter and oxygen sensors.

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Trust you can count on to keep your vehicle safe when in our control.


Since opening in 2016 we have helped 1,000’s of people replace their vehicle Catalytic Converter(s) at an affordable price.


Warranty on new parts is 1 year or 12,000 miles whichever comes first.


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